About me


Welcome to The Diary Of A Curvy Girl! the blog dedicated to empowering women and men to love who they are INSIDE! and dressing up the outside to match that internal shine! Remember to be a BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT YOU!!! 


I started this blog as a outlet for myself to promote the importance of positive body image that plus size/ curvy women sometimes struggle with on a daily basis! Living in Rochester New York there wasn't a plus size community much less anything that was in the direction of fashion and life issues... after many years of trying to find my voice and purpose in this world "The Diary Of A Curvy Girl" was born! 

I didn't want this to be just a regular fashion blog, but I created this blog to be a voice for those who haven't found their voice yet! I am very transparent in the things I post and deal with throughout my daily life! I pray my readers enjoy the content on this page and it helps you find the confidence to love the beautiful person you were created to be!