• Tiffany Nicole

A Wife.

Hey My Curvies,

Back with a BOMBBBB sequin look, this just might be my favorite look in the series and it just started lol. Before we get into this look HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank You for rocking with me this year, it was a challenge FOR SURE but we made it!!!! In this look I am wearing a multicolored black sequin strapless jumpsuit sponsored by Fashion Nova I am wearing a size 1x. The Jumpsuit is true to size, I will say if you want a looser fit or more room in the bust area to size up. However to get the correct fit of the bust because there is a structured bone in v neck you may want to get your size. I styled the jumpsuit very edgy because I wanted to give you guys a different look besides the normal styling. So I paired a black motojacket also from Fashion Nova, a lavender drawstring purse to play off the colorful sequins in the jumpsuit. Since the jumpsuit is very busy I did not want to crowd the neckline area so I kept it bare, certainly you guys can style how you feel. I hope you guys enjoy this look and as always love who you are and who you are meant to be! stay safe tonight in your celebrations, wear a mask and pack sanitizer. Love ya see ya next year!

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