• Tiffany Nicole


Y’all know how I love my bearded Kings. I swear this is nothing like a thick healthy well groomed and moisturized beard!!! In this look I am collaborating with a beard care line specifically created by a bearded king for other bearded kings. King beard and co. Offers beard butters and body butters to keep your beard moisturized and soft for your partner to run their fingers through effortlessly. The owner reached out to me send a hoodie with the company’s logo on it and I instantly agreed to it, number one I’m loving hoodies lately and I just feel like what better way to show my love for beards. In this look I am wearing a chocolate colored hoodie that features a nude colored beard and king beard and co. Embroidered on the side. I paired it with ripped high waisted jeans and nude fishnets underneath. I completed the look with nude platform lug booties and a plaid trench coat from target. I hope you guys enjoy this look and as always love who you are and who you are created to be!

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