• Tiffany Nicole

Best Bad Girl

Heyyyy Curvies,

before we get into this post I just want to apologize for the quality of pictures. I had to use my cellphone and forgot my lighting it was just a bad day but next post will be better I promise! In this post I am wearing a turquoise beaded mini dress from Queen Leah Fashion . The dress I absolutely loveeeee the color, the beading, literally everything about this dress exudes sexiness. One thing to note about the dress is it does rise a little when you walk so maybe size up for that factor if you have a big butt like I do other than that no complaints whatsoever. I decided to a going out look, so I paired the dress with a custom rhinestone denim jacket from my Business Crystalled By Tiffany . I completed the look with turquoise rhinestone wrap pumps from Shoedazzle and a pearl purse to break it up a little. I hope you guys enjoy this look and as always love who you are and who you are meant to be!

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