• Tiffany Nicole

Bordeaux And Beautiful

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Hey beautiful people,

I am backkkkkk I took a month off to regroup mentally and restore my energy as a content creator. I feel so much better now and im

glad I took the much needed break. The new color series is definitely inspired by Bridgerton I don’t know about you all but that show was soooo good and the fashion OH MY GOD!!! Bordeaux to me exudes sensuality, intimacy, and romance. This look is sponsored by Fashion Nova I am wearing a pajama set In a size 1x in the color Bordeaux. This is perfect for those of who are still quarantined at home but want to look while being in the house. I loveeee this set y’all it’s super comfy and I literally have never felt sexier in Pajamas. Just buy it trust me!!! Remember to love who you are and who you are created to be!

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