• Tiffany Nicole

City Chic

Hey yall,

Back with another yellow look, all I can see is these yellow looks are hitting if I say so myself!!! Anyways lol when I saw this dress I knew exactly how I wanted to style it, it gave me NYC brunch vibes full of life and color. I purchased this dress from Rebdolls in their sale section in a size medium!! Can you believe it I have never been able to fit in a size medium like ever in life! The dress comes off the shoulder and fits like an absolute glove let me tell you whoever Bae is will love seeing this on your body just trust me. I paired the dress with a colorful abstract necklace not really sure where I got the necklace from if I remember I will update this post for sure, I paired the necklace with green vitrail rhinestone earrings and chunky charm bracelets. The chunky heel bronze shoes came from target a long time ago wayyyy before they became trendy… for all my target divas you KNOW target stays ahead of the game lol. I wore a matching mini purse (mini purse bandit) from Bout It Boutique. This look is so versatile you can wear it anyplace, brunch, date night, girls night, pta meeting. Anywhere literally lol, I hope you guys enjoy this look and as always love who you are and who you were created to be!

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