• Tiffany Nicole

Eff your beauty standards

I purposely wanted to do this look for the white series because it goes against every rule there is, no white after Labor Day, and big girls shouldn’t be wearing revealing bathing suits. So here we are, in 2019 it has been an amazing revolution for the plus world, women finding their confidence and embracing every part of their body! While some do this by wearing more form fitting clothing, others do it by showing off their body proudly! In this look I choose a white monokini sent from amazon that has the stomach area exposed with pink and teal tassels at the hips. The bathing suit is certainly for the brave the beauty in doing this shoot in the location I did, there were people watching me not expecting me to be confident in my own skin in front of them! It was really an eff your beauty standard moment! I’m so proud of the work I do, I hope this serves as a reminder that nobody can make you feel less than because you are a few pounds heavier than what society deems as “sexy” it’s not about anybody but yourself! Own and embrace every curve, dimple, cellulite, and fat roll you have because it is unique in who you are ♥️

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