• Tiffany Nicole

It’s Pinky

I’m backkkkk,

okay so grant it this isn’t a bordeaux look however i had to put it in the rotation because baby it’s giving 70’s retro babe vibes. This Look is in collaboration with REBDOLLS yall already know how I feel about them like they seriously never miss with any of their collections. I am wearing the One & Only dress which is a hot pink mini skater dress that features bell sleeves. honestly I just really love love this dress so much! Like if I could get it in every single color I promise I would. Its super comfortable but also super super cute and fun, I paired the dress with super fun Barbie inspired pink shoes and a pink cherry coach purse. I completed the look with pink tassel earrings, it’s very much so 50 shades of pink and honestly I love it haha! As always I hope you guys enjoy this look and love who you are and who you are created to be

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