• Tiffany Nicole


It’s Christmassssssss of course I had to put a Christmas look in this aesthetic. Let me jus apologize, I broke my camera so these pictures aren’t the best butttttt you get the picture ( pun intended). This look is in collaboration with Shoedazzle as a ShoeDazzle Influencer. Now babyyyyyy these red boots had me feeling all types of sexiness! Like I literally just wanted to put on a jumpsuit and wear these over it and just strut the streets, however I didn’t lol. I paired the boots with an emerald green sequin mini dress from Fashion Nova. believe me it is a mini dress in every since of the word it barely covers my behind but for pictures sake why not. I decided I wanted to throw in a Christmas ornament to have fun with the look and long red chandelier earrings from ebay. It was 16 degrees outside and I pretty much froze for these pictures but it was definitely worth it. I hope you amazing people have a great holiday and I love you all!

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