• Tiffany Nicole

Mixxy Chic

hey yall,

here we go with another lavender look I have to say these looks have been killing lately if I say so myself. Anyways let's get into this chill look, as promised earlier this year I told you guys that I would be giving you more relaxed sneaker looks since you all enjoyed these looks just as much as the glam looks. I am wearing a lavender t shirt dress from Befab By Bria, this dress is super comfortable and soooo soft like it literally feels like you are wearing pajamas and we all know how great of a thing that can be for us ladies. I decided to go pair the dress with the University Blue Jordan 1's and wore high crew white socks, to complete the look I paired the dress with a white bucket purse from Grafea (ladies shop Grafea when I tell you they have thee most cutest unique purses and backpacks and they aren't expensive at all. This look is perfect for a chlll day with your family or game night with your boo. I hope you guys enjoy this look and as always love who you are and who you are meant to be!

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