• Tiffany Nicole

noir x pearl

Hey y’all, Life has thrown some major curve balls since January. I needed to take some time to take care of family however I am back as much as I can while still trying to balance life. It’s a new month which means it’s a new color Atheistic for Instagram and the blog. Since this is my birthday month I wanted to do something classic and clean so the colors for this month is black and white. I actually love the way it looks so far. In this post I decided to go against the grain a bit.... I paired a white and black polka dot lace up crop top from Pretty Little Things with high waist black jeans from Fashion Nova anddddddd guess what white boots. I know I know according to the fashion rules you shouldn’t be wearing white shoes after Labor Day. However in my opinion there is no rules in fashion, do what you want to do and whatever looks good. I made opposite color tassel earrings that I wanted to wear with this look, one is black and one is white and I literally loveeeeee how this look came together. I hope you guys enjoy the coming looks and aesthetic. Love you guys and thank you for supporting me🖤

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