• Tiffany Nicole

poison curvy

Heyyyy, it’s time for a new look in the snakeskin series. This look is literally all about comfort and style, I’m sure you all have seen those two piece sets all over Instagram. So I found this super comfy set on Amazon, for less than $25. I purchased this in a size 2XL. It does go up to a size 3x . I will say this set unfortunately is not really forgiving even though it is super stretchy if you are a size 20 and up you may have a tad bit of a struggle getting it on like I did, outside of that if you don’t mind showing a lot of back fat and chest skin this is the set for you! i honestly didn’t know how I wanted to style this set because it is considered athleisure wear, and some wear it with heels, sandals or boots. I opted for sneakers because I haven’t done a sneaker look since the existence of my blog lol. If I did wear this out I will try heels just to give it a more sexy look. I completed the look with pink new balances that are super comfortable might I add, just to give it some color, black earrings and a yellow purse. I would definitely recommend this set if you want that happy medium of sexy and comfort. I hope you guys enjoy this look and as always love who you are and who you were created to be!

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