• Tiffany Nicole

ssssssexyyyyyy season

Newwwwwwwwwww aesthetic!!!! It’s later Super late...... but better late than never! This month theme is super sexy to me so why not start with a look that is officially the sign for summer..... that’s right SUNDRESS! I found this super comfy but ultra sexy sundress on Amazon for $13. Amazon Dress Crazy right, now I will say if you aren’t comfortable with showing your back rolls this isn’t the dress for you at all, but if you are rocking out with all the rolls this is the dress for you! I decided to keep it super simple and playful, I paired white tassel earrings that I created myself, with white crystal mules. Unfortunately due to swelling I had to switch shoes . Such a bummer however it was okay I had a backup plan lol. I completed the look with a yellow purse and It’s a Look. Head over to Instagram to check out the new aesthetic. I hope you guys enjoy the look and remember to love who you are and who you are created to be!

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