• Tiffany Nicole

stay golden

In today’s look I took on the challenger to make biker shorts dressy but still trendy. The main part of this look is the shirt!!!! The shirt is my favorite shirt I got it from cracker barrell ironically. It was $12 I paired it with these purple and pink Snakeskin biker shorts from After Fyve Boutique. So where was the challenge well biker shorts can be one of those pieces that are super casual so I wanted to dress it up, so I paired the look with these silver butterfly pumps and huge rhinestone earrings that were custom made. I wore my hair in loose beach waves, this hair is sponsored by Stay Fancy Hair for which I am a brand ambassador and when I tell you this hair is butter!!!!!! Shop stay fancy and use my code Curvy Girl for 10% off your next order. I tied the shirt in the front to make it trendy, totally a date night look for those that love heels and don’t want to always dress up. I hope you guys enjoy this look and as always love who you are who you’re created to be.

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