• Tiffany Nicole

The lust effect

Heyyyy y'all,

Back with another Lavender look, this series is winding down and it has definitely been a ride a fun one though. I'm so glad you guys like the color series I put a lot of work into the content and all of the looks so it really makes me happy. Alright lets get into this spicy look, so as you all know I really don't post lingerie just because that's not what my brand and image is about no shade to any one that does. As for me and who I am in the church and my relationship I just can't, so when Monif C reached out about this particular piece I really contemplated for days about saying yes because I knew what was going to happen if I wore it the way it was intended to be worn. She asked if I could style it differently as it is a one piece, of course I happily obliged after hearing that. I toyed with several different ideas, one which was inspired by Dirty Dancing movie but the pants never came. So here we are, I decided to give a spicy but classy look with this ensemble. I am wearing the BDSM bodysuit in a size 1x/2x ( just a warning when you sit down in this piece it will dig into your glitter girl like HELL) so however you plan on wearing this piece be brief lol or size up. I decided to wear the bodysuit as a top and pair it with a lavender dress from Target that I made into a skirt, yes I am a firm believer in wearing things completely different than there intended purpose it's just so much cuter that way honestly! I threw on a snake print belt that I purchased from Target as well, draped a denim jacket over my shoulders and completed the look with Black Bow suede peep toe pumps from cape Robbin and my favorite lavender clutch from BeFab By Bria. I hope you guys enjoy this look and as always love who you are and who you are meant to be!

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