• Tiffany Nicole

welcome to OZ

Here we are winding down the end of the green aesthetic, we still have about four more looks to go. However who knew green had such a calming affect on the soul, I've had some emotionally charged days the last week but wearing the color green definitely helped some. I'm sure you guys have that one color that calms you down in that manner. This look is for the girls who loves showing legs because that is all this dress shows but it's sooooooo sexy in a very simple way that you really feel your best wearing it, and that my friends is a dress you NEED to have in your closet!

In this post I am wearing an emerald green dress (hence the caption) from Fashion Nova ( I know guys we are boycotting fashion nova but this was sent to me before I knew it don't kill me lol ) I got it in a size 1x, it does feature off the shoulder straps which does give a good openness to your face and neck. The dress also does features ruching on it which is great for hiding those tummies for those that are insecure about it and also give some curve to your body. I paired the dress with a purple mini purse from Befab by bria (IG), and rainbow vitrail lace up rhinestone heels also from fashion nova, I completed the look with neon green studs also from BeFab by bria. This look is perfect for date night in our case virtual dates because COVID *serious eyeroll* I hope you guys enjoy this look and as always love who you are and who you're created to be! stay safe! stay sane! wash your hands! Here's a petition to sign to help us fight racial injustice.

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